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To my students

posted Aug 23, 2015, 10:01 PM by Le Tuan Anh   [ updated Nov 3, 2016, 8:47 PM ]

Potential problems in my teaching

  • I'm not a native English speaker so sometimes you may have troubles understanding me. Please feel free to ask me to repeat and I'll try to explain myself better.
  • I may make wrong assumptions about your background so sometimes I'm not aware of knowledge that is important to you. Please feel free to ask me about anything that you are interested in. I may not know the answers but we will find out together.
  • We may have communication problems (e.g. you are to shy to speak in front of many people in our class), you always can email or send me notes instead and all of those will contribute to your class contribution mark. Just let me know how I should help you to go through these courses.
  • You may find these courses are boring or not useful. Let's discuss and solve this problem together (e.g. How learning this course help YOU, personally, in the future?)

What should you ask

Basically everything (when I meant everthing I really mean everything literally!). But here are a few suggestions:

  • Knowledge, facts, theories, theorems, etc. taught in the course that you didn't understand clearly.
  • Their applications in real life.
  • Assignments, exams, the thinking processes that you need to solve the problems, etc.
  • Future career, major linguistic branches, etc.
  • Your undergraduate thesis
  • Linguistic wars (LOL)

How should you contribute to our class

  • Ask questions/ give answers to problems in class.
  • If you are too shy, you always can send me your answers, questions, etc. via emails or short notes (with your name or anonymous, that is up to you). I will aggregate all of these and discuss in the next tutorial.
  • Comment about my teaching and ask for better ways to help you to understand (You have nothing to worry about commenting about my teaching. That is the best way for me to know how to help you to study.)
  • Comment on course materials (parts that are not clear enough, etc.)

School work

  • Assignment
    • Make it short and clear. Don't try to impress your teachers by copy and paste here and there to make it long. E.g. If you are asked to write a few sentences about something, you should write three sentences. A three-page answer is not acceptable.
  • Exam
    • Do NOT just remember the answers that are given to you. Instead, please focus on the thinking processes that is highlighted in our tutorials. If you know how to the answers are derived, no question in the exams will surprise you.

Read this article: What have you tried to know how to ask questions (not necessarily to others, but to yourself as well) in general.

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