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Assignment 2 hints

Here is a hint just in case you still have no idea what to do.

Let's say you start with a sentence like this
JP: ケーキを食べた。
RJ: Keeki wo tabe-ta.
En: `I ate the cake`.

If you paste the sentence ケーキを食べた。 into Google translate and translate it into Vietnamese, you will get Tôi ăn bánh. You then translate Tôi ăn bánh into English again to get the full English translation. It'll be I eat cake. To get the word by word translation you can break the sentence in anyway that you want. At the end of this step, you will have this:

Link 1
VI: Tôi ăn bánh.
GL I    Oh cake.
En: `I eat cake`.

Here, you can discuss many things. The differences between word-by-word translation and sentence translation, intended meaning vs actual translation (e.g. I ate the cake vs I eat cake), etc. Basically just focus on anything disappeared or inserted between translations. The word-by-word translations and sentence translations can be different too (see that `eat` translated into `oh`?). Don't forget to quote dictionaries or grammar books that you used.

After discussed this, you can repeat the step above to get link 2 and link 3. Simple, isn't it?

Don't be confused if you found the translations don't make any sense. That's the point of this assignment. Instead try to come up with your explanations :D